Neon Ferrari is a multitude of services refined in half a century of history.

Our Clients knows that once the order has been confirmed, they can relax and concentrate on other activities.

When the Clients choose us they are choosing quality, experience and safety. The multiple audits we face annually confirm this:

“[…] Neon Ferrari is a complete, solid and reliable company.”.



Our company is specialized in luxury furniture production.
The experience we gained makes us an easy choice, on the international scene, for the world's most famous luxury fashion brands.

Our core business spaces from backwalls to entire boutiques. It happens a lot that, thanks to the evident quality of our creations, we are asked for residential productions as well: kitchens, wardrobes, tables and so on are produced with the same care that distinguishes us in luxury retail.

We furnish hotels and spas, restaurants and jewelers.

We work wood, glass, metals, stones and marbles, fabrics and plastics in single elements. Transport and installation are carried out by our qualified personnel, all over the world. Our production method is appliable to any area of custom-made furniture. We just need your idea to design your reality. A single interlocutor, with decades of experience, from design to installation.


We produce custom-made displays in any material: from plastic to metal, from wood to glass. They are unique pieces that fulfill the purpose they were designed for.

Laser cutting, plastic bending and UV bonding are just some of the techniques we use every day. The main areas of declination are perfumeries, fashion boutiques, jewelers, watches, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels and spas. We offer installation or shipping service directly at the point of sale. We give a design service from scratch aimed to combine functionallity and aesthetics.



Digital Printing

Our historical department deals with the production of photographic prints. It develops and installs more than 12,000 visuals in stores every year.
We provide the image customization service through the compositions of the subjects according to Client’s guidelines. We then produce direct prints on solid materials such as for signs or reglettes, window decals, stickers, advertising tarps and films that are temporarily applied on furniture to advertise individual events.

Advertising Campaign Management

The services we provide in the advertising field are many: kitting service and tester replacement, furniture change and scheduled furniture maintenance, replacement of visuals, replacement of reglettes, updating of display campaign, gondola heads, itinerant make-up stations, census of shops, animations and descents.

We developed an app that allows the operator to organize activities in the stores and allows the customer to check live the progress of the scheduled events. The daily presence in the territoriy gives the Client infinite possibilities of intervention. It allows us to intervene promptly, and sometimes even before we are requested by our Client, in many situation.