This is our Heritage.


Neon ferrari

Our story begins in 1972 when Mr. Ferrari entered in the luminous insight business under the name of Neon Ferrari. The company designed artistic pieces with neon light, providing production and installation. But, unexpectedly, the indirect use of the light has been the key to the company’s success.



With a luminous box and backlighted photo with neon light, Mr. Ferrari convinced a cosmetic colossus, Biotherm, to invest in his advertising solution. Finally, different fashion brands were persuaded too; during the ’80s Neon Ferrari became their italian main supplier, creating strong connections and earning their trust and respect.


visual merchandising

To meet the new needs of its customers, NF invested in the opening of the plastic lab. and in the expansion of the photographic lab.
The synergy of these two departments allowed the company to establish itself as the main player in the beauty&fragrance retail panorama, focusing on the production of visuals, counter display and heads of gondola (temporary display mounted on the side of gondola furniture)

A new tradition

In the late 90’s fashion’s brands were reshaping their strategy, changing radically the customers’ purchasing experience.
They were entering in the perfumeries as main sellers and no more as simple products. So shops had to change as well.
Until that moment, in Italy, perfumery shops were very simple: a counter and shelves full of tiny bottles.
But, as international brands, they were already designing the future with whole new marketing strategy.
Brand’s new guide lines, instead, were mixing wood with plastics, lights, glass, metals in just one small piece; and
when old artisans had to face a new reality they couldn’t help it.



Known as a creative mind, Mr. Ferrari proposed to take care those new prototypes and many of them accepted. At very the first through a supplier and then, in a while, by opening a brand new joinery.
The 2000s were inaugurated with the opening of the joinery, which was involved in the production internally of small furnishings such as gondolas and back walls.


la rinascente floor 0

In 2005 there was the first big project, which involved the renovation of a famous Italian mall. Almost all the Beauty&Fragrance brands commissioned to Neon Ferrari the production of their corners.
To cope with a new workload, the volume of the joinery was increased, integrating a new department: the lacquering booth.


The boutiques

The hard work and commitment lead to a major turning point in 2015.
The respect and trust earned in 40 years of bespoke projects were rewarded when C****L (we can’t advertise but you can imagine) commissioned Neon Ferrari to produce their first Beauty&Fragrance boutique in the world, in Florence, Via Calzaiuoli 49. The success of this project led to the assignment of the boutiques in Milan and Nice.
Following in the footsteps, other brands also placed their trust in our know-how, such as Acqua di Parma for Rome, Milan and Paris, Guerlain in Milan and Paris, Jo Malone in London, Dior in Milan and so on.

And so on

We think that our success is due to our attitude in managing situation in the best way possible no matter the cost. The experience we gained is essentially the continuous research to recreate new contents that this market required us everyday, never disappointing the client. Our strenght is our flexibility.